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Installation of Door Instructions

  1. Measure your opening

Measure the width, height and thickness of the existing door or the opening for the door

FIGURE1- Measure the existing door

FIGURE 2- Is the door frame square? Check by measuring diagonally. If the frame is not square, you may require a slightly larger door and trim it to size. A trimming allowance of up to 5mm is allowed on all doors.

Important:  Approximately 3mm clearance is required at the top and sides of the door and 5mm at the bottom (above the floor covering).

  1. Transfer all measurements to the door

Place your door on workbench & remove all packaging.Transfer all measurements to the door & clamp the door in preparation for trimming.

“A maximum 3mm may be trimmed from any edge” Plane down your door first with the power planer then with a hand planer.

To avoid break out or splintering start in from the edge & work towards the centre.

  1. Place door in door jamb

Wedge your door in the opening in the correct position and allow 3mm margins between door and jamb, allow between 5 – 20mm bottom margins depending on floor coverings.

  1. Chisel out for the hinges

Mark out the hinge positions. For a new door and jamb installation, mark the top hinge 185mm down from the top of the hinge and the bottom hinge, 200mm up from the bottom. The third hinge is to be placed in the middle of them exactly.

Ensure you have good sharp chisels for this next step. Start with a series of cuts along the scribed outline.

Now cut a series of relief cuts along the hinge area, this will help to prevent breakout when chiselling, chisel out a shallow recess for the hinge.

Check the hinge thickness and chisel out to that depth. The hinge must sit flush with the door stile. Repeat these steps for all the hinges.

  1. Fit door hinges

With the hinges seated correctly in place, ensure the hinge pin is flat and tight on the side of the door and that the hinge is flush with the stile, then drill the holes for the screws and screw the hinges into place.

  1. Seal your door

Seal all of the faces of the door (front, sides, back, top and bottom)  with two coats of undercoat and 2 coats of paint. Make sure to cover all of the sides and all cutouts. Please also refer to the manufacturer’s warranty.

  1. Fit Door into Jamb

Fit the door into the frame and then screw the hinges into place and check the operation of the door is smooth.

  1. Installing the Door Handle

Mark out the relevant areas for the handle on the door and follow the instructions from the door handle kit, to install it properly. When fitting the door handle, please ensure the tongue fits properly into the jamb.

Final check

Double check that your door can open and close smoothly and repeat any of the steps if required.