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About Us

Staff & Management

Our Staff and Management is committed to providing the best service, most comprehensive information and timely delivery to our customers.
Our staff are trained regularly by our management team who have had more than 30 years experience in the door industry to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.


Our History

Woodcraft Doors has been established since 1986, specialising in timber doors and related products with the cordial support of our distributors and staff. We realise that customer service and quality is the priority when it comes to your home.
As a result of our 30 years of experience, we have established a supply chain, from manufacturing to transport, that can supply you with specialised doors at competitive prices. We are unrivalled when it comes to getting the door you want at the price you love, and our experienced staff can answer any questions in order to help you get the doors you want.
Whether you’re looking for internal doors, external doors, bi-folds, sliding doors, or any kind of timber door, we can provide you with the best doors on the market.

It’s a hassle having to go to separate places just to purchase fittings, door jambs and other accessories for your doors. That’s why we have everything you need to go with doors at our warehouses. We have an unrivalled range of glass, hardware and timber, so you can go to one place and get everything at the best prices.

All of our doors comply with Australian Standards and each door is personally checked prior to despatch, to ensure maximum quality, safety and durability when it comes to the Australian climate. With 43 door sizes available, more than 50,000 doors in stock, and our massive range, we can supply doors to suit any home, whether you are looking for something traditional, in a Victorian or Colonial Style, to a more modern outlook, such as a Minimalist or Art Deco theme. We can send your doors to almost anywhere in Australia, as we have distributors in every state. We pride ourselves on a national outlook with a personal feel.

Our Vision

To create the most beautiful, durable and affordable doors.

Our Expertise

Doors, Glass, Door Jambs, DAR, Skirting as well as other related timber products and door hardware.

Why We Are Different?

We specialise in high quality solid timber doors and engineered timber doors.

All of our doors and glass are specially designed by Woodcraft Doors and, for this reason, many of our designs are not available at other door suppliers. With more than 150 door and glass designs on offer, as well as 43 different sizes, we can supply doors to every home. Door jambs, mullions, associated timbers, and hardware, with our national reputation and eye for doors, you’ll get quality products and timely delivery to your home.